From Qualifiers to Finals

  •  Registrations for the Qualifiers Challenge will close 3 days before the scheduled date of the challenge at 12 pm.
  • Participants can register for a Qualifier Challenge in any specific skill only once per monthly cup.
  • The TOP 3 winners from the Qualifiers Challenge will advance to the Finals for free.
    The Finals for the Spelling Bee Classes 1 - 2 Challenge will be held on 30th October, 5.00- 6.00 PM IST
  • The theme and challenge structure will be the same for the Qualifiers and Finals. 
  • The Finals will be broadcasted live so that all your friends & family to witness the amazing performances!

Theme - Magical Stories

From the stories of Cinderella, Jack and the magic Beanstalk to the stories of Harry Potter, literature is filled with stories of magic. As we celebrate the magic of different festivals around us, the All Rounder Cup (ARC) brings to you the Magical Stories challenge for our October Story-telling challenge. We're super excited to hear your versions of some of our favourite magical stories, so prepare well and you might just be our next Storytelling All Rounder champion.

Challenge Rules

Rule 1 :You will have 2 minutes 30 seconds to narrate your story.

Rule 2 :You will receive a Buzzer warning 10 sec before their time is up.

Rule 3 :An introduction of upto 10 seconds is allowed and won't be counted in the speaking time.

Rule 4 :Please stand up for your story or else points for Body Language will be affected

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Prizes & Certificates

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