From Qualifiers to Finals

  • Registrations for the Qualifiers Challenge will close 3 days before the scheduled date of the challenge at 12pm.
  • Participants can register for a Qualifier Challenge in any specific skill only once per monthly cup.
  • The TOP 3 winners from the Qualifiers Challenge will advance to the Finals for free.
  • The Finals for the Filmy Dance Classes 5-6 Challenge will be held on Saturday 30th October, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST.
  • The theme and challenge structure will be the same for the Qualifiers and Finals.  
  • The Finals will be broadcasted live so that all your friends & family to witness the amazing performances!

Theme - Folk Dance

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, a subcontinent that is home to over 100 languages, multiple communities, every major religion in the world and each of these different communities, tribes, religions have its own dance forms which tells us the stories of their lives and festivals. This October, as we celebrate different festivals, Melio's All Rounder Cup (ARC) Filmy Dance challenge invites all of you to participate in the flavours of Folk Dances from across India's different states.

Refer to the PrepBook to help prepare for your Filmy Dance Challenge.

Challenge Rules

Rule 1 :All participants will be allotted 2 mins 30 seconds for their Dance performance.

Rule 2 :Participants will need to introduce themselves. Share their name, class, school, name + the name of the song and the film where the song was featured.

Rule 3 :There is no restriction on the language of the song.

Rule 4 :Audio will be played on the participant’s end, preferably on a speaker.

Rule 5 :Song selection should not allow any space for profanity. Profane songs will lead to immediate disqualification.

Rule 6 :5 points are allotted for completion of the performance in time and another 5 points for adhering to the Theme.

Rule 7 :The camera should be placed in a stationary position. No movement of the camera will be allowed.

Rule 8 :Participants should be fully visible clearly throughout the performance.

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Prizes & Certificates

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