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Under 10
Dylan Under 10 1st
Sahasra Under 10 2nd
Taarinee Under 10 3rd
Under 12
Malleeka Under 12 1st
Aditi Under 12 2nd
shanvi Under 12 3rd
Under 12
Mahie Under 12 1st
Keshav Under 12 2nd
Radhika Under 12 3rd
Under 16
Valoumi Under 16 1st
Somay Under 16 2nd
ANOSHKA Under 16 3rd
Under 16
ANANYA LAXMI Under 16 1st
ABHIPREETHA S Under 16 2nd
A Ashrita Under 16 3rd
Under 16
Sanvi Under 16 1st
Joshua Under 16 2nd
Shivani Under 16 3rd
Under 16
Priyamvada Under 16 1st
Malavika Under 16 2nd
Kritagya Under 16 3rd
Under 8
AKSHAJ Under 8 1st
Medhansh Under 8 2nd
Varsha Under 8 3rd
Under 8
Shivani Under 8 1st
Aarav Under 8 2nd
Priya Under 8 3rd

Theme - COVID Pandemic

  • This Challenge is about giving your speech on a topic related to COVID-19 Pandemic with limited preparation time. 
  • It aims at assessing speakers’ understanding of important political, economic, and cultural issues along with critical thinking and analytical skills. 
  • Registered participants will be emailed 3 topics (related to the Theme), 60 minutes before their slot. They will have to prepare a 2.5/2 minute long speech on any one of the topics and give it during their slot.
      • Scoring will be done on Effectiveness, Speech content, Body language, and Voice modulation.
      • Students must recite their speech from memory. You can keep an Index card for reference. Reading verbatim will lead to a lower score.
      • You can give an Introduction of yourself if you wish to. It won’t be counted in the total time, as long as it is less than 10 seconds.
      • For example, if the theme of this challenge was ‘Education’, participants could expect topics like:
      1. Developing countries should focus only on vocational education.
      2. Coding should be a compulsory part of school syllabus.
      3. Being street smart is more important than being book smart.



      We assign you an age category based on how old you are on the date of registration. For example : Your date of birth is 31st August 2008. If you register for a challenge on 30th August 2020, you fall into the Under 12 age category. If you register on 1st September, you become eligible for the older age category, which in the case below is Under 16.

        More details on how to prepare and answering some FAQs will be provided in the Prep Book below.  

          Time limit
          Under 16
          2 mins 30 sec
          Under 12
          2 mins 

          Top 5 speakers in the Qualifier from each age category will advance to the Final


          Qualifier : 8th September, Tuesday, 3-9 PM IST

          Qualifer results : 10th September by 6 PM IST

          Final : 12th September, Saturday, 10:30 AM - 1 PM IST

          Registration Fee

          ₹ 299 per speaker

          Zoom links for qualifiers will be emailed by 7th September, 6 PM IST


          1st prize: ₹ 1250; 2nd prize: ₹ 750; 3rd prize: ₹ 500. 

          Total prizes - ₹ 5000

          All participants will receive digital certificates

          REGISTER NOW