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  • Participants will be read out the name of a place and they need to spell it correctly
  • Places would be popular Cities, States, Countries, as well as Rivers, Mountains, Heritage Sites, etc. from across the world, with special focus on India
  • These are destinations that you would have heard about as a place somebody travelled to, and the difficulty level will be appropriate to the age of the participant
  • The location (either India or International) and category of the given place will be shown on the screen (for example – ‘India’ and ‘City’ in case of the word ‘Mumbai’)
  • All participants get a maximum of 10 words to spell, within a total of 3 minutes
To get an idea of how it will be conducted, check out this video below we've made for your reference.
    Registered participants receive an email with an e-PrepBook containing instructions and sample words.


    1st prize: ₹600; 2nd prize: ₹500; 3rd prize: ₹400

    The Top 3 Winners move to the next level! For more information, please refer to this link -

    All participants receive e-certificates


    Click the link below for available dates and slots

    For Beginner Level