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  •  Participants will be shown questions on the screen one by one
  • You have to solve them mentally and give us the answers
  • You will have to calculate the total money from the number of denominations given (for example: 3 x ₹10 notes and 2 x ₹5 notes; your answer should be ₹40)
  • You have a total time of 2 minutes to answer 20 questions


Class Category Denominations Maximum number of each denomination
Classes 1 & 2 ₹5 and ₹2 10
Classes 3 & 4 ₹10, ₹5 and ₹2 15
Classes 5 & 6  ₹10, ₹5 and ₹2 25

    Registered participants receive an email with an e-PrepBook containing instructions and sample questions.


    1st prize: ₹600; 2nd prize: ₹500; 3rd prize: ₹400

    The Top 3 Winners move to the next level! For more information, please refer to this link -

    All participants receive e-certificates


    Click the link below for available dates and slots

    For Beginner Level



    For Hotshot Level

    Note: Click below to register only if you are a winner in our Aces Level Speed Math Challenge