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  • Melio, derived from Melior (Latin for Better), promotes personality development of children
  • Using online competitions, we provide them an exciting way to practice and improve their speaking skills 

What we do

  • We conduct Online Challenges in Public Speaking and Storytelling open to 5-17 year olds across India and now the entire world!
  • The challenges are conducted online via Zoom calls so that every participant can compete from the comfort of their home
  • The Finals of every Challenge are streamed Live, for family & friends to watch
  • Children research & prepare for the challenge as per the preparation material provided by us, thus enabling them to become independent thinkers and speakers
  • Children are evaluated on their performance by expert judges from IITs, IIMs, National Law School, RVCE, MSRIT, who have won national and international competitions
  • Anyone can tune in to watch the finalists in action from anywhere. Family members get to see their young ones performing and other children get inspired to become good speakers themselves

How it works

Registration - Parents register their child for a Challenge through our website. We share Prep material to help the participant with their preparation

Qualifier round - The First round of the Challenge, it is conducted over a 1 on 1 video-call between the speaker and our team member, at a time you choose while registering

Live-stream finals - The Finals have top speakers from the qualifier round presenting their speeches to our judges over a webinar, which is live-streamed and free for all to see


Founded by Gunjan Shah  (IITB - IIMC) and Shrinath Nagarajan (IIML)