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Stage Finale Winners
1st: Aashna Thaker
2nd: Sohum Tejas Mishra
3rd: Archit Ghosh
Most Effective Speech: Ayush Sunil
Best Speech Content: Mayank Tiwary
Best Body Language: Sree Satya
Best Voice Control: Pratika


Video-call round Results

 Finalists (alphabetical)
Aashna Thaker
Amisha Sharma
Archit Ghosh
Ayush Sunil
Hashica Raaj
Mayank Tiwary
Ritvik Sharma
Sree Satya
Sohum Tejas Mishra
Taanshi Raaj


Average Scores
Birth year # of Speakers Effectiveness Speech Content Body Language Voice Control Total
3 7.3 7.0 6.7 6.7 27.7
6 7.2 6.7 6.7 6.5 27
1 - - - - -



The November Junior Speakers Challenge will be in the form of Elocution (Language: English). The skill of clear and expressive speech, an elocution consists of elements such as pronunciation, articulation, accent, emphasis, inflections, and gestures. The speech should cover an Introduction followed by the Body of the speech concluding with a Summary at the end.


The speaker should have completed 9 years and not turned 12 as on 31st December 2019 (Born between 1st Jan’08 and 31st Dec’10)


Registration Fee is ₹ 300 per speaker. Registration closes at 11 pm on 12th November.

Topics (Choose any one)

Climate change and our future!

Every child should have a dog

Is it right to ask children to perform chores?

A laugh everyday keeps the doctor away

Are school uniforms necessary?

Influence of video-games on children

If I won a hundred crores, I would …

Video-call Qualifiers 

Date & Time: 14th Nov (5 pm - 8 pm) & 16th November (12 pm - 5 pm). Slots of 10 minutes per speaker.

Time limit: 90 seconds + 10 extra seconds for wrapping up.

Each speaker will be emailed their individual scores along with a detailed feedback video from the judge. The Top 10 speakers, announced on our website at 8 pm on 16th November, will move on to the Stage Finale. 

Stage Finale 

Date & Time: 17th November, 2:15 - 4:30 pm

Venue: Merry Go Learn, JP Nagar.

Each speaker will have 2 minutes to speak on their chosen topic. Judges will alert the speaker 10 seconds before their time is up.


  • Use of index cards is allowed, but only for reference of outline and key points. Reading verbatim is discouraged and will result in a penalty affecting the final score
  • There is no dress code for either round. We recommend Smart Casuals.

Judging Criteria

  • 25% Effectiveness - Purpose achievement, Language use, Vocabulary.
  • 25% Speech content - Introduction-Body-Conclusion, Argument quality
  • 25% Body language - Posture, Eye contact, Gestures.
  • 25% Voice control - Volume, Projection, Pace, Intonation, Diction


1st prize: 3000; 2nd prize: 2000; 3rd prize: 1000. All Finalists will be receiving certificates. T&C apply.