About the Melio Speaking Club

The Melio Speaking Club is a members-only space where 9-12 year olds can meet once a week to master the art of Speaking. Each Club Meeting is anchored by a friendly, trained Moderator from Melio, and has 3 major items on the agenda.

  1. The Challenge of the Week - each Club conducts one challenge each week in which all Club Members compete for points. The Challenge for the current week is 'Persuasive Speech'. More details below!
  2. Peer discussions on relevant topics - Club Members engage with each other and with the Moderator on topics relevant to the Club, be it a famous speech that shook up the world, or a poem that captured the imagination of a generation!
  3. Discussion on New Activities - the Moderator leads a discussion on a new activity relevant to the Club, which then becomes the next week's Challenge of the Week!

Members will have a choice of meeting slots which they may choose according to their availability and convenience. 


Challenge of the Week - Persuasive Speech

The Challenge of the Week for the upcoming Club Meeting is Persuasive Speech

This Challenge is about persuading PM Modi on why it is important for the Indian government to focus on your chosen topic and what should be done about it!

Topics for the Speech (pick any one)

  • The threat of Fake News
  • Education for all during the COVID crisis
  • Women empowerment and safety
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Child labour
  • Water shortage crisis
  • Climate change

And a few more details:

  • This Challenge aims at assessing speakers’ understanding of important political, economic, and cultural issues along with critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Students can keep an index card for reference. Reading verbatim will lead to a lower score.
  • Participants can speak for a maximum of 2 minutes. They will be judged on Content, Voice Control, and Body Language.

The results of the Challenge of the Week will be shared on Tuesday, 20th October

Depending on their relative scores in each Challenge of the Week, each Club Members is awarded points. Accumulating enough of which allows the Member to Level Up, which unlocks access to access to invite-only meetings and tougher activities with peers of the same age group at the same level!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Melio Clubs and the weekly challenges you used to organize?

We no longer organize stand-alone challenges. We have discovered that significant improvement at any skill is best achieved through deliberate, frequent practice - hence we have made the change from organizing stand-alone challenges to focused Clubs for specific activities.
Having said that, the most important part of each weekly Club meeting is the Challenge of the Week, which will earn Members points depending on their performance. If you are interested in testing your abilities against a group of equally skilled and similar minded peers, Melio Clubs is the place to be!

Will there be cash prizes for the Challenge of the Week?

Challenges of the Week are not prize winning events. There will be no cash prizes, and no weekend finale rounds.

Is it mandatory to perform during each Club Meeting? 

While the objective of weekly challenges is to ensure you have many opportunities to perform, you can choose to skip performing in a meeting if you feel unready. Remember you can earn points and Level Up only if you participate in these challenges! 

What happens if I am unable to make it to a Club Meeting? 

If you are unable to make it to a Club Meeting, please notify us at least 24 hours before your meeting and we will try to accommodate you in a different meeting slot in the same week. Please remember that we may not always succeed at this.