Presenting the Melio Monsoon Championship

The Melio Monsoon Championship is a series of four challenges designed to test participants' mettle across the gamut of hard and soft skills like math, reasoning, and public speaking. The winner of each of our challenges will be crowned the Championship title holder of that event.

The Melio Monsoon Championship Pass

The Melio Monsoon Championship Pass is a single ticket for all events that comprise the Championship. Not only does it give you a slot in the qualifier rounds of all four events (in eligible age categories only, please check the Events Calendar below), you get discounts up to 58% on the total registration fees!



Events Calendar



18-22 Aug


Debating Championship - Interrogation

(only 10-17 year olds eligible)

Get ready for intense debates in the form of interrogation, filled with fiery questions and answers from both sides! The topic of discussion is extremely urgent and relevant - climate change.

20-23 Aug

Storytelling Championship - Theme: Stories with a Moral

(only 5-15 year olds eligible)

It’s time to hear the most engaging stories - only, this time these stories need to give us all a message to learn from!

25-29 Aug

Speed Math Championship

(only 6-13 year olds eligible)

Let’s see who is the ultimate Mathemagician in this Speed Math championship! Participants have to answer the maximum number of questions they can under the ticking clock.

27-30 Aug

Speaking Championship - Elocution

(only 5-15 year olds eligible)

Brush up on your oratory skills and prepare yourselves to deliver exciting speeches on a topic we all love- sports!




How does the pass work?

  • Each pass holder may compete in any and all events in the Melio Monsoon Championship for which they are eligible. Please see the 'Events Calendar' section above.
  • The competing age group (Under 8/12/14/16 etc) will be determined based on how old a participant is on the date of registration for each of these events. Pass holders will be considered auto-registered for each event in the Melio Monsoon Championship on the day of the launch of each event.
  • Details on each event’s rules and prep books will be shared with the Melio Monsoon Pass holders as each event is launched on our website.
  • For all Monsoon Championship events where they are eligible, we will email pass holders on the day of the launch of each challenge asking them for their preferred qualifiers slot. Depending on availability, we will allocate this slot, and send over a video-call link for the qualifiers one day before the event.
  • The Top 5 performers in the qualifier from each age category will advance to the finals.