How it Works

  • Melio conducts an inter-school championship every month. Challenges like Storytelling, Speed Math, Speaking, Spelling Bee, Filmy Dance and Quizzing are conducted as part of it for Children in Classes 1-8.
  • Parents register their child for a challenge and receive a confirmation email with the link to an e-Handbook to help them prepare.
  • Video-call invites for the challenge are sent out two days prior to it by 6 pm.
  • Participants join their challenge link and have an Orientation session.
  • Each challenge has 6-11 participants competing one by one over a 40 minute video call.
  • Judges announce results at the end of the challenge. Top 3 winners receive exciting prizes.
  • Earn minimum points required to the next Level. Read more about the level progression below.
  • All participants receive their Scores and Certificates within 2 days after the challenge on the registered email address.

How to Choose Levels & Earn Points

  • Each Challenge subject has 6 skill levels for participants - Beginner, Ace, Hotshot, Prodigy, Ninja & Genius.
  • You start as a Beginner and compete with other beginners.
  • Finish in Top 6 and earn a minimum of 500 points to move to the Ace level.
  • As an Ace level participant, you will compete with other Aces in the next challenge. Getting to 1500 points will move you to Hotshot.
  • As participants earn points in their current level and level up, they can start registering for the challenges in their new achieved level.
  • If a participant is appearing for a challenge at the lower level, he/ she would not be eligible for points. The participants are still eligible for Prizes and Certificates.
  • Participating in a lower level challenge does not affect your existing level.
  • Genius is the highest level one can reach in a challenge.
  • Each challenge needs to be registered and paid for separately.
  • The higher the level, the tougher the competition. It's like they say - "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"


Melio Rescheduling Policy

We can reschedule your challenge registration if a request is made 4 hours before the challenge start time . To forward a request you can write to us on or chat / call us on +919686534155