• Melio, derived from Melior (Latin for Better), promotes personality development of children
  • Using online after-school clubs, we provide them an exciting way to practice and improve their skills in a wide range of activities. 

What we do

  • We conduct online after-school Clubs in a wide range of activities such as Speaking, Math, Debating, Storytelling and so on. Our Clubs are open to 9-12 year old students across the entire world!
  • Each Club meets once a week to perform in Weekly Challenges, and to discuss new and different challenge formats, tips and tricks an an engaging, interactive manner.
  • Members earn points on the basis of their performance in Weekly Challenges, which they can use to Level Up!
  • All Club meetings are conducted online via Zoom calls so that every member can participate from the comfort of their homes.


  • Club Members research & prepare for the challenge as per the preparation material provided by us, thus enabling them to become independent thinkers and speakers.
  • Weekly Challenges are evaluated by expert judges from IITs, IIMs, National Law School, RVCE, MSRIT, who have won national and international competitions.
  • Members can attend Club Meetings from anywhere. Family members get to see their young ones performing and participating in Weekly Challenges in a group helps Members learn from each other.

How it works

Registration - Parents register & choose a slot for the weekly Club Meeting. Participants receive Prep material to help them prepare for the weekly challenge.

Join Club Meetings - Club Members meet their club-mates, perform in Weekly challenges, discover and discuss different Challenge formats, tips and tricks.

Points and Levels - Club Members receive their scores and positions in the Weekly Challenge. They also advance through Levels depending on their position.


Founded by Gunjan Shah  (IITB - IIMC) and Shrinath Nagarajan (IIML)