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  • CLASSES 5 - 6
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  • CLASSES 1 - 2
  • CLASSES 3 - 4
  • CLASSES 5 - 6
  • CLASSES 7 - 8
Speed Math Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
Public Speaking Challenge#1 (Classes 1-2)
Storytelling Challenge#1 (Classes 1-2)
Singing Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
Dance Challenge#1 (Classes 1-2)
Spelling Bee Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
Speed Math Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
Public Speaking Challenge#1 (Classes 3-4)
Storytelling Challenge#1 (Classes 3-4)
Singing Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
Dance Challenge#1 (Classes 3-4)
Spelling Bee Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
Speed Math Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Public Speaking Challenge#1 (Classes 5-6)
Singing Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Dance Challenge#1 (Classes 5-6)
Spelling Bee Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Speed Math Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
Public Speaking Challenge#1 (Classes 7-8)
Singing Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
Dance Challenge#1 (Classes 7-8)
Spelling Bee Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
IQ Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
Art Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
Grammar Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
GK Quiz Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
Role Play Challenge#1 - (Classes 1-2)
IQ Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
Art Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
Grammar Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
GK Quiz Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
Role Play Challenge#1 - (Classes 3-4)
IQ Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Art Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Grammar Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
GK Quiz Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Role Play Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
Debate Challenge#1 - (Classes 5-6)
IQ Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
Art Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
Grammar Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
GK Quiz Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
Role Play Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)
Debate Challenge#1 - (Classes 7-8)

The Allrounder Advantage

Participate in all your favourite challenges on one platform.

Win Amazon cash vouchers worth up to 10 lakhs and E-certificates! !

Compete with students from across the world.

How it Works

Rewards, Recognition & More!

Our Participants, Parents and Teachers love us

Mrs. Jaqueline Vaz

Teacher, Sacred Heart School, Bahrain

"Our students are very excited about new Melio Challenges. Students benefit as they do a lot of research and practice for their challenges. I wish that parents would take up this opportunity and send their children to these challenges because they will gain confidence."

Saiansh Tapuriah

Student, Class 5, The Shriram School, Gurugram

"Not only did I learn a new skill myself, but I also learnt new skills by listening to other participants. Each Melio Challenge is a new experience. An Online challenge is different from a regular speaking event as Many more people from all around the world can participate in it. One word for Melio - Incredible"

Anagha Sooruj Nair

Student, Class 2, Deens Academy, Gunjur

“I like the thrill of speaking in front of everyone and answering questions, but I like making friends more than winning"

Hena Bhatia

Mother of Amyrah Bhatia (Class 4, Pathways School Gurgaon)

"My daughter is now very confident about standing in front of people she doesn't know. She can interact herself and does not need us for the same. She keeps learning new words through the Spelling Bee Challenge. Melio has helped her build her confidence."

Sreejani Bhaduri

Student, Class 5, National Public School Koramangala, Bengaluru

"It's a great learning experience as we learn many new things while preparing for the challenge. When it's online, we get to meet people from across the globe and get to know new viewpoints and concepts"

Kiaan Abhishek

Student, Class 2, The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal

"I love the many challenges they have. G.K & Spelling Bee are my favourites. I also like that they give us a PrepBook before every challenge, so I get to learn new things"

The Allrounder Cup Experience

1100+ schools & growing!

Have questions? We're happy to answer them!

Allrounder Cup is a live e-competitions platform for children in Classes 1-8. We conduct online challenges across various skills like Speed Math, GK Quiz, Storytelling, Public Speaking, Singing, Dance, Spelling Bee and many more. We launch new challenges every week!

Our challenges are conducted over video-calls using Zoom. 6-11 participants join the video-call and perform one after another. You can join the challenge using a laptop (recommended), desktop, tablet or smartphone. All challenges are conducted over 2 rounds, Qualifiers and Finals. The Top 3 participants of every Qualifier challenge move to the Finals. The Top 3 winners of the Finals win Amazon Vouchers. All participants receive e-certificates.

Registration for the Allrounder cup is FREE.

All registered participants receive a Prep Book which contains preparation material for the Qualifiers & the Finals. It has information on, Rules & Guidelines, Theme details, How it works, Sample Sets, Question/Word Banks, Winning Criteria and reference links that helps a participant give their best in the challenge!

There are upto 10 lakhs worth of prizes up for grabs on the Allrounder Cup platform. The more challenges you participate in the more prizes you gain. The TOP 3 winners of each challenge receive vouchers from Amazon India. Rank 1 - INR 500 Rank 2 - INR 400 Rank 3 - INR 300

Our competitions are conducted over two rounds. Round 1 - is the Qualifier where the Top 3 participants advance to Round 2 which is the Finals. Finals round is conducted and the Top 3 winners are declared the champions for the specific class and challenge.

We have rebranded Melio to Allrounder Cup. With Allrounder Cup as a brand, we are becoming bigger - more challenge types , more accessible - FREE Challenges and simpler to use - no Levels and Points.

As we are moving from Melio to Allrounder Cup, we are removing the point and levels system to make the platform simpler to understand and easier to compete on. As an existing user you will still retain the number of challenges you have competed in and the victories you have achieved but we will no longer link victories to points and levels.

The 'Contact' Section below has our email id, our mobile number and the link to our Facebook page. In addition, there is a 'Chat' button at the bottom-right of this page. Feel free to drop us a message on Whatsapp, email or Facebook, or call directly!

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